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Booster Club
President: Ralph Williamson

Vice-President: Gerald LaFreniere

Treasurer: Dawn Marsh

Secretary: Sally Stebbins

Booster Club meets second Tuesday of every month in BICS High School Commons

National Honors Society

about 1 month ago


President - Quinn

Vice President - John

Secretary - Elsie

Treasurer - Kai

Programming and Robotics

about 1 month ago

You can find information about our robotics team (which is bIrobot FRC Team #6098) on the team website and on our Slack site.  Additional information about our class work outside of the FRC season will make its way here at some point.

If you are the parent of a student on our team or a team mentor and would like to be added as a user on our Slack site, please contact Kevin Boyle.

Below is a class and team calendar.  Please contact Kevin Boyle if you have any additions or corrections to the information here.

 Go bIrobot!

Student Council

about 1 month ago

The purpose of the Student Council is:

To bring the student’s ideas to the school board to make the school’s environment easier to learn in and more student friendly. We are giving the students a chance to have an input on the ideas that form our school community.

Student Council Members:

President - Susi Myers

Vice President - Brennan Jones 

Secretary - Quintan DeLaat

Treasurer - Elisha Richards

Student Council Member Information Links:


Upcoming Dates for Student Council

Rules and Procedures Student Council is/has been involved in making:

Dress Code