Caitlin Boyle Educational Scholarship

Caitlin Marie Boyle

This $2,000 scholarship towards tuition and books will be awarded to a Beaver Island Community School graduate who attended BICS for at least 2 full years, and is now attending a trade school, enrolled in a certification program or has completed one year of a college degree program. This scholarship is in memory of 2009 BICS graduate, Caitlin Marie Boyle. Caitlin always valued education. She graduated from Michigan State University in 3.5 years with her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Sciences. After graduating and while working full time,  Caitlin then began her studies for a second degree in Veterinary Sciences, until she became too sick to continue. While recovering from treatments, she still wanted to learn new skills, so she began an online certification program.

To apply for this scholarship, send an email or letter to Neal and Connie Boyle atconnieneal@yahoo.comor P.O. Box 242, Beaver Island, MI 49782. Please include your contact information, name of school you’ll be attending, your area of study and type of program, and a description of your education and career plans and how this scholarship will help you.  All areas of studies are eligible. If there are multiple candidates, preference will be given to applicants pursuing studies in the animal sciences or medical research. Applications must be received by July 1, 2022.