School Closure

School Closure and Delayed Start Information

During the winter, there may be times in both the morning and afternoon when road conditions become too hazardous for buses to travel on certain roads. This information will be posted on the District website and parents should listen to the radio for announcements.

Weather and road conditions can vary dramatically throughout the island. The district encourages all parents to assess the conditions at their location. If parents feel road conditions are unsafe or weather conditions hazardous, they may make a personal decision to keep students at home until it is safe to travel. Please notify the school if you choose to do so.

The decision to close schools for the day is the responsibility of the Superintendent. 

Schools are not closed due to low temperatures.  However, periods of prolonged outdoor activity for students will not occur when the temperature is minus ten degrees Fahrenheit. This figure includes the wind chill factor. Prolonged outdoor activities include recess, P.E., class walks, etc. The District will take into consideration the medical needs of children with special conditions or who are recuperating from illness.

The Superintendent may delay the start of the school day if the roads are impassable due to inclement weather. The two-hour delay will give road crews additional time for sanding and plowing. Schools will dismiss students at the normal time unless announced otherwise.

If the decision is made to either close schools for the day or delay, the announcement will be broadcast on the local TV and Radio stations linked below and will be posted on the District website. You should have an alternate plan for the care and safety of your children on those days when school openings are delayed or schools are closed because of road conditions.

TV and Radio Stations