Volunteer Information

School Volunteer Information

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at BICS! To begin, please complete the simple online volunteer screening application which will only take a few minutes. Click “Volunteer Form” below, then choose a either email or drop the form off in person. All information gathered will be kept confidential.

It is the responsibility of the BICS to safeguard students while they are in our care. Therefore, every school volunteer must complete the volunteer screening process and agree to a background check. The process should only take a few minutes to complete, and all information gathered will be kept confidential.

A volunteer is anyone who will be in a school on a regular basis, or for a designated project spanning a longer length of time than a one-time brief visitor.

School visitors do not need to complete the form. A visitor is considered a guest speaker, someone who attends a large group function, or a parent visiting his or her student (an example of a parent visit would be to have lunch, and so forth). BICS reserves the right to screen visitors.

Information from the screening and background check is not released. Only a few members of the BICS Administration  will have access to the information, and safeguards are in place to ensure its security.

The volunteer background check only looks for criminal history, not financial (credit rating), medical history, or civil matters. The school administrator will be notified if there is a problem with a background check.

Volunteering is one way to connect with young people, and contribute in your community. When you offer your skills and care, you make a difference. Please begin the simple process to volunteer by clicking on “Volunteer Form.” Thank you to the many volunteers at BICS who make a difference every day. You are appreciated!